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Distraction & Reaction
A Prevention and Awareness Program Addressing Distracted Driving

In recent years, the dangers of driving distracted or impaired has gotten much attention. In fact, according to Distraction.gov, drivers are 23 times more likely to crash if driving distracted. SmartDrive has addressed distracted and impaired driving in its variety of forms since our inception in 2004.

Thanks to support from our sponsors, we are proud to offer - FREE OF CHARGE - to schools and community events, our Distraction and Reaction program to help drive home the dangers of distracted driving and driving under the influence in a meaningful way. Using a self-paced online component, combined with a film, "Driven to Distraction II", created by DuPont's Coastal Films and donated exclusively to SmartDrive, we teach participants about the science of distracted driving. Then, we give them a hands-on experience as they maneuver our "Gem Car" through a coned course as we purposely distract them with time constraints, a cell phone conversation involving mental processing, excessive passengers and finally, texting. Combined with our Call 4 Back Up program, students learn important hands on backing up skills in addition to the dangers of driving distractions.

This program is safe, fun, and most importantly, educational. We raise awareness by proving the premise, that distracted or impaired driving is not scientifically feasible and in fact, it is against the law with strict penalties. Driving with intelligence is the way to go.

The program takes approximately one hour, and we work with our organizations to adapt the program to fit whatever venue is available - health classes, driver ed classes, assemblies, or community days - the program delivers results and raises awareness like no other program can. It is an ideal program to offer during Prom Season or at the beginning of the school year to make a critical impression on our drivers.

For more information, or to schedule your Distraction and Reaction program call 888-553-6543 or email Karen.versuk@smartdriveusa.org.

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Distraction and Reaction is funded in part by the following sponsors:
  • The Delaware Office of Highway Safety
  • The DuPont Company and its Coastal Films Division
  • State Farm Insurance in DE, MD & PA
  • Delmarva Broadcasting Company
  • Delaware Department of Insurance
  • Sky Zone
  • (List incomplete)

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